Automated Modular Planning

Are you bogged down with bad data while creating and analyzing your planograms performance?

What AMP Does For You:

  • Increase the data consistency and accuracy across all planograms
  • Automates tasks and drive efficiencies in the planogramming process
  • Ease the burden of cleansing and loading Performance Data (Retail Link or other)
  • Linked to Atlas for a combined Space Metrics and Performance analysis in one solution (capacity, facings, DOS)
  • Ability to manage last minute retailer changes quick and painless
  • Validate retailer requirements before submitting planograms
  • AMP blends Software Tools and an Engineering Team whose focus is to Automate and Customize the Modular Relay Process.
  • The goal is to Reduce Time automating the Planogram Process, yet allow your Team to retain control and convert the “Art to Merchandising” into actionable coding

Key Features

Planogram Preparation

  • Product attribute changes
  • Product library update
  • Clearing performance data
  • Loading performance data
  • Loyalty data

Assortment Changes

  • New items
  • Deleted items
  • Add assortment decisions
  • Cluster or store traits
  • Swap products

Planogram Building

  • Import space planning planograms
  • Add floating shelves
  • Merchandise planograms (custom)
  • Build planograms

Queries & Reporting

  • Custom queries
  • Custom reports
  • Trait report
  • DC matrix report
  • Export data
  • Atlas customers can link AMP to Reporting Studio