“Imagination is more important than knowledge.”

             – Albert Einstein

Working at Atlas is different. It’s more like having professional “play dates” because teammates truly enjoy what they do. Atlas employees are empowered to solve problems that evade other companies. They are encouraged to make a difference through innovation. Hierarchical and departmental boundaries are intentionally blurred to facilitate domain-diversity and to promote collaboration and teamwork. Once employees are exposed to Atlas’ culture, it’s hard to imagine working elsewhere. That being said, the three areas below are prerequisites for every position. 

Cool with Change

Atlas’ products and services improve the client’s competitive position and increase their productivity. And nothing can improve without change, which is why Atlas thrives on it.


Live and Breathe Tech
Improving performance is Atlas’ purpose. Technology is its passion. The most successful teammates can successfully blend the two, while always keeping client-need top of mind.

Winning is in Your DNACompetition is alive and well at Atlas. While winning may not be everything, it’s close. And Atlas has no issues applying technology to gain an unfair advantage – especially for clients.

Current Positions

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Recent Team-Building and Fundraisers 


Float Trip Down the Elk River

Wanna Be A Paint Baller?

Fundraiser for Children’s Shelter

Fundraiser for Children’s Hospital

Fundraiser for Children’s Hospital
January 2019

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Children’s Hospital, 2019

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