Mission Statement

To improve decision-making for consumer goods companies by bringing disparate data to life and disseminating timely, relevant and actionable insights throughout the enterprise.

Analytics Advancing Trade

Analytics Advancing Trade is more than a tagline. These three words succinctly define Atlas’ raison d’être. It’s why we ferret through mountains of data and develop advanced analytical tools. It’s why we go the extra mile to ensure Atlas clients operate better. Faster. Smarter. It’s why we question existing practices, procedures and structures. Atlas is driven by discovery because discovery leads to opportunity – which drives innovation – and ultimately … advancement.

Atlas does the heavy lifting so clients spend less time managing and validating data and more time extracting profitable insights.

Extracting Insights from Disparate Data Points

Solutions At A Glance

Reporting and Visualization

  • Custom reporting and an existing library of 6,000+ templates
  • Full ad-hoc reporting capabilities
  • Automated POS downloads and validity checks

On-Shelf Availability 

  • Daily zero sales, OOS and ghost inventory
  • Highly accurate and flexible algorithms
  • Daily dashboard of retail coverage
  • Dynamic routing

Real-Time Retail Reporting

  • Audit any store, any time, anywhere
  • Take notes per item, per store
  • Store and retrieve pictures in-store
  • Send to retail service providers automatically
Planogram Automation

  • Automated planograms
  • Planogram preparation
  • Data integration

Leveraging Insights

  • Campaign planning & development
  • Monitor your campaign for conversion rates and performance
  • Evaluate and refine your campaign for future effectiveness