• Implement systems that are highly available, scalable, and self-healing.
  • Work closely with Application Development & Infrastructure teams to provide fully automated deployment routines for Production
  • Monitoring system activity and tuning system parameters for optimal performance, configuring communications with other platforms/networks, configuring/managing system security, and maintaining current release levels and patch revision
  • Work across functional (development, testing, deployment, systems/ infrastructure) and project teams to ensure continuous operation of all environments
  • Manage, and maintain tools to automate operational processes.
  • Work to continuously improve speed, efficiency and scalability of our systems and environments
  • Work directly with agile Application Development teams to provide daily support aligned with a model of Continuous Delivery.
  • Build and maintain appropriate log gathering, system monitoring, and reporting infrastructures
  • Operate in a supporting role for the implementation and our customer support groups along with QA and Dev requires availability 24/7 at times to load software updates, projects required to work during the maintenance windows and also in cases of emergency .

Minimum Qualifications

  • 2+ years in various DevOps/SysOps roles
  • 2+ Years in a DevOps/SysOps or 3+ years of professional enterprise development experience. Must be able to configure and support Docker containers deployment.
  • 2+ year experience with containerization/orchestration technologies like Kubernetes, PKS, Docker, Rancher.
  • 5+ years of Linux and Windows administrator experience.
  • Scripting ability (Bash / Shell, Python, PERL, Ruby, etc)
  • 2+years of experience in Vmware/VSphere virtualization.
  • Must have an understanding of building and managing large-scale systems and application architectures
  • Solid understanding of system performance and monitoring
  • Excellent project management skills and the ability to work in a fast-paced and hectic work environment
  • Must also have experience working in an Agile development environment that requires a lot of communication and collaboration.
  • Demonstrate skills in priority setting, analysis, communication, time management, scheduling, and multitasking.

Preferred Qualifications

  • Experience architecting and managing Kubernetes in a large Enterprise production environment.
  • Experience managing Enterprise production systems in VMware PKS is preferred.
  • Experience in scaling distributed data systems, for example, Elasticsearch among others..
  • Communication Skills: The candidate will have exceptional communication skills (verbal, written, and presentation) as well as excellent interpersonal skills including the ability to work and communicate with individuals at all levels in the organization, and matrixed team members.
  • Good working knowledge of build automation and continuous integration/delivery processes and tools: Git.
  • Experience with messaging technologies such as RabbitMQ, etc
  • Experience with various data technologies including relational and nonrelational databases Postgresql database knowledge preferred.