On-Shelf Availability 

On-shelf availability is a crucial, but often-imprecise metric in retail data. OSA+ from Atlas saves you time through the reduction of your store/item tasks by 50% or more, and provides automated monitoring.

On shelf availability is a crucial, but often imprecise, metric in retail data. Atlas’ OSA+ saves time by reducing store/item tasks by 50% or more, and provides automated monitoring.

Maximizing Brand Performance at Retail

Track out-of-stocks, zero sales and ghost inventory through a platform that integrates with every retail service provider. 

OSA+ analyzes targeted items per store, per week, per day and compares current trends with the item’s historical performance within a given market and/or chain. 

Once all of the real-time data, and custom parameters are in place, OSA+ determines intelligent tasks for your retail service representatives. , which drastically improves the efficiency of your spend with retail service companies.

Key Features

  • Reduce False Positives
  • Daily Zero Sales, Out of Stocks, Ghost Inventory, Promotional Compliance, and more
  • Complete OSA+ report suite inside of ATLAS
  • 90% Accuracy on Ghost Inventory
  • Reduce your store/item tasks 50% or more
  • Highly accurate and flexible algorithms
  • Daily dashboarding of retail coverage
  • Completely automated and managed Retail Service Monitoring

“They deliver the fastest, most insightful analytics than any other provider. Plus, they are always ready for our special requests and
last minute changes.”

– Vice President of Sales