Big Data, Simplified.

Atlas helps consumer goods companies make better decisions 

by harmonizing data and extracting richer insights … in less time.

Different Reports for Different Folks

Retailer team-leads need insights into their respective accounts. Sales personnel need insights into their accounts and channels. Brand managers need insights into their categories and brands. Supply chain managers require multi-level perspectives into warehouses, DCs, zones and stores – and the senior leadership team needs insights across the enterprise.

Run Reports the Way You Run Your Business

Atlas provides a single, intuitive interface that accelerates the Insight-to-Impact Cycle, while delivering multi-echelon reporting. Atlas’ Four-A methodology (see video on the right) empowers each respective user by streamlining the flow of information … from data to decision. 

Insight to Impact 

Snapshot of Recent Case Examples 

$19.8 MM

In Incremental Sales

$14 MM

In Incremental Sales


Increase in Productivity


Gain in Efficiency


Selecting the Right Service Provider

Selecting the Right Service Provider

Choosing the right service provider often requires decision makers to look beyond their immediate needs - even when sourcing companies providing point-based or product-specific solutions. In retail - and even more so in technology - the rate of change...

Atlas Supports Nonprofits at GiveCamp NWA 2018

Atlas Supports Nonprofits at GiveCamp NWA 2018

GiveCamp NWA helps Northwest Arkansas nonprofit groups ROGERS -- Betsy Brumley had an idea of what she wanted to get out of GiveCamp NWA. That all changed once she met the volunteer team she and her husband would work with over the weekend. GiveCamp NWA is an annual...

Deriving Greater Value from Your Enterprise Data Warehouse

Deriving Greater Value from Your Enterprise Data Warehouse

[Re-posted content] Click here to view the original blog post by Vertica The core, unified architecture supports all leading BI and visualization tools and works with your current ETL tools to empower your analytics. Vertica helps you derive more value from your...