Leading Supplier of Consumer Herbicides and Lawn Care Products Partners with Atlas to Eliminate

Compliance-Related Fees and Create State-Specific Planograms

Solution Highlights

Supplier risked losing margin due to compliance variances defined by each state.

Atlas worked collaboratively with the supplier to develop and integrate rules-based routines within Atlas’ Reporting Studio and expanded the product line’s data set by adding new attribution fields for compliance management. The updated solution ensures each SKU satisfies compliance mandates as defined by each state. Expanded functionality also prevents out-of-compliance SKUs from being included in modulars.

In addition to capturing lost margin and improving retailer relationships, the enhanced solution serves as the foundation for adding new functions for improving brand performance. Near-term expansion includes determining how weather (temperature and precipitation levels) impacts sales. This data and insight will create predictive analytics using machine learning. Output from the system will be incorporated into the suppliers’ forecasting models.

Additional Details

Consumer herbicides and related lawn care products must adhere to compliance mandates defined at the state level. Companies shipping goods into retailer DCs and stores that fail to meet each state’s requirements can incur significant costs from:

  • Fees and penalties stemming from non-compliance
  • Potential fees imposed by retailers
  • Reshipping non-complying products to approved states or returning the goods to the manufacturer’s facility
  • Added administrative and processing requirements
  • Additional inventory carrying costs
  • Developing and implementing new, compliant planograms

On-going, rapid changes in state-level compliance was creating even more challenges for cost avoidance.

Atlas Helps Leading Supplier Capture Lost Margins
To improve compliance and circumvent these margin-eroding costs, this leading manufacturer turned to Atlas. The supplier, being a long-time Atlas customer, knew Atlas harmonized data and provided ready-to-use retail analytics and reporting solutions, as well as customized software development.

Atlas software engineers, working collaboratively with the supplier’s retailer teams and environmental health and safety personnel, developed integrated rules-based routines within Reporting Studio. The updated solution includes new attribution for ensuring each SKU satisfies the compliance requirements for each state. The solution also keeps out-of-compliance SKUs from being included in modulars.