Recent Innovations and Enhancements

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Dynamic Scorecard


  • Pull scorecard information for past and present
  • New slicer and drill-down options to maximize flexibility 


New stock report available on all WM systems


Dynamic New Item Tracker


  • Look at new items by any attribute
  • Dynamically select items based on the
    Item Effective Date for any time-frame


New stock report available on all WM and Sams systems


Club-Specific Change Alert


  • Receive alerts when club-specific retail changes occur 


New stock report available on all Sams systems

Dataset Ad Hoc

  • New Ad hoc report that allows data pulls with time-ranges (down) and attributes/metrics (across)
  • Simplifies data pulls for use in visualization applications like Tableau and Power BI
  • Extract richer insights by selecting multiple time-ranges, attributes, and measures


Available upon request for WM customers
Contact your Atlas Account Manager for additional information

Update on OTIF

Atlas has been diligently tracking and preparing for the OTIF changes announced by Walmart. 

Atlas’ new OTIF Scorecard, which closely resembles the new version in Retail Link, is nearing completion and will be published later this month. In June we will publish a new calculated OTIF / SPM Summary that incorporates the new standards, thereby enabling users to measure performance against the redefined standards.

Atlas will continually review Walmart’s data offerings in the OTIF system to integrate additional data and expand functionality as needed.


After receiving hundreds of responses to the Client Success Survey distributed last week, we wanted to extend a heartfelt “Thanks” to everyone for participating. Many suggestions, such as providing this type of communication, are the direct result of your feedback. Every response has been carefully reviewed, documented and classified in order to establish the added value, required resources, and time lines needed to accommodate the most frequently cited suggestions. 


Team Atlas