Run Reports the Way You Run Your Business

Reporting Studio converts the ocean of loose POS data into relevant, tailor-made, information that enables profitable action instead of long hours of manual sifting and sorting.


Harmonizing Data from Disparate Sources to Extract Richer Insights

Extracting actionable insights begin with data harmonization. Atlas’ data management services include aggregating pertinent data from disparate sources, regardless of format. Once harmonized, rigid testing and validation routines ensure data integrity and information relevancy.

Through advanced analytics and proprietary algorithms, Reporting Studio identifies hidden opportunities as well as potential threats. The type of output is determined by user segments. Executives may opt for high-level, real-time dashboards. Analysts may prefer Excel-based visualization tools, while brand managers may prefer reports generated through third-party visualization tools.

Versatile. Powerful. Accurate.

Report Studio’s highly intuitive reports are packaged automatically into emails with Atlas’ “Smart Text” feature. This extracts the diamonds in the rough and describes them in plain English. For added efficiency, Atlas’ Reporting Studio includes more than 6,000 report templates – providing suppliers with an easy, cost-effective path to report generation. Reporting Studio’s Ad-Hoc wizard also empowers users to quickly create unique queries and reports.

Supplier Specific Insights and Reports

For even more customization, Atlas software engineers and client service managers work collaboratively with brand personnel to ensure the right information is delivered at the right place, at the right time, and in the most digestible format such as multi-level reports, interactive dashboards, and out-of-system alerts.

Sample Reports

Sample Reports Output to Excel

Our Methodology

Data scientists and analysts can spend as much as
80% of their time cleaning and preparing data.

“Excellence across the board. Atlas delivers actionable insights enabling us to be more proactive at retail, while affording us more time to course-correct when needed.”

          –   Sr. Manager Advanced Analytics