Many Companies Turn to Atlas for Custom Solutions that Increase Sell-Through and Enhance Productivity

Atlas works with brands throughout the Go-To-Market process to streamline decision making, remove sales barriers and increase efficiency through automation.


Consumer goods companies turn to Atlas when custom solutions are needed. Atlas also provides advisory services for streamlining the flow of information through a company’s extended supply chain. Atlas’ technologies, combined with its depth of consumer goods experience, brings new perspectives and ideas to the problem-resolution process.

Providing Innovation from Concept to Consumer

Team Atlas’ two largest departments are Software Engineering and Client Services. While these groups are managed separately, they are united by a common thread … Innovation. This shared bond is why Atlas embraces a healthy disdain for the status quo. It’s also why companies turn to Atlas to resolve issues and obstacles when others can’t.

Atlas’ does not maintain a menu of Value Added services since engagements are often client specific. Many times Atlas client managers and engineers collaborate with analysts and brand personnel to identify improvement areas. The case history on the right is a good example of how Team Atlas works with clients to continually add value.